Why Trials Bikes @ trials bulgaria?
Why Trials Bikes @ trials bulgaria?

Why Trials Bikes @ trials bulgaria?


Why TRIALS Bikes? Quite a few people have commented asking “Why not enduro bikes?” 

Well…. For the kind of terrain we like to ride, places we like to try to go to, obstacles & challenges to be overcome, trials bikes are perfect! Plus, great fun, which is the point of what we do! 

Lightweight, with a very low seat height (no-seat-height actually!) means you’re rarely caught out when you’re struggling on a steep slope & things start to go sideways. Super-tractable motors & low gearing also give you the edge in tricky terrain! On an impossibly steep and rocky goat track in the mountains there’s nothing to touch them… Although our extreme-enduro friends would probably disagree…

Downsides? Yeah, tiny tanks can be a pain, especially on the 2-strokes, so planning (& carrying extra fuel) is kinda essential. Has to be said, they’re crap on the road too…just as well we don’t do many road kilometres…

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