It’s not needed, as we don’t ride on the public highway – not for any distance anyway. Obviously you do need to know that out here we drive on the RIGHT though…

If you’re a beginner, we’ll offer you a trip with others at a similar stage in their riding. That way you can have an enjoyable experience without getting left behind or getting totally fazed by the obstacles others are attempting…

All our trips include the use of one of our bikes – We’re offering new model TRRS One-R 250’s. Super-smooth, super capable, but easy to ride, & above-all, great fun!

If you really want to…. But that’s up to you to arrange. Bulgaria’s a long way away…

Generally the weather’s described as Continental European/Mediterranean. Warm, sometimes rainy springs, dry & hot summers occasionally extending right into October. Usually 20 – 25 degrees C in April, rising to 30+ degrees C in high summer. 

You’ll definitely want to return – & we can guarantee new experiences on every trip. Sometimes we’ll re-visit areas when we’ve opened up & developed new routes, but there’s so much nearby you wouldn’t believe it!

There’s a clue in the name – Trials Bulgaria…! We’ve chosen trials bikes because they’re ideal for the kind of places we want to take you – enduro bikes have their place, just not around here. Plenty other outfits offer those bikes – seek them out if you want…

We send a payment order direct from our Revolut banking system. You can choose to pay by Bank Transfer, Credit or Debit Card. 
If you want to pay for stuff when you’re in Bulgaria (eg: Some of our merchandise, refill the beer fridge…) we accept all cards. And cash. Obviously!

Travel Insurance specific to “Adventure” type holidays is advised, & we ask for your Insurer & policy details once your booking is confirmed. The EHIC card is still accepted in Bulgaria & will provide emergency cover, but obviously won’t help if you needed specialist care or transport home. It’s possible that your credit card provider will offer cancellation cover if you use the card to pay, but it’s your responsibility to check that.

We offer quality helmets & boots for a reasonable price for the duration of your trip – saves packing & the cost of a checked-in bag!. So bring your favourite riding gear  –  Gloves, Pants, Tops (- long sleeved to protect from the sun & thorns) – plus some T-shirts, shorts, etc. & we’re happy to put sweaty gear through the washing machine in the evening…

Our group size is limited to 4 riders – Sorry. We’re a new venture finding our way slowly, & we’re trying to keep everything sensible at the start. Environmental concerns are important too, and small groups mean we’re able to do what we do without upsetting our neighbours!

Where'd you get to?

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