Beginners’ Trips @ Trials Bulgaria
Beginners’ Trips @ Trials Bulgaria

Beginners’ Trips @ Trials Bulgaria

Beginning Trials Riding?  Trials Bulgaria could help you move on & become more confident!

Join one of our short breaks in sunny Bulgaria, & immerse yourself in trials bikes for 3 or 4 days’ riding. If you ride a bike on the road, we’ll help you modify your riding to get the best out of a trials bike – working on slow-speed control, clutch, throttle & braking, timing, body positioning & balance – working towards various techniques used to clear obstacles – the double blip, zap & so on. Yeah, there will be some wheelies….!

Maybe you already have a trials bike or are returning to trials after some years – get on one of our modern, up-to-date machines to see how much things have come on! Our breaks are all about having fun, but we can help you to improve your abilities, fine-tune your technique, using video to help isolate aspects of your riding which could be improved. It’s a tool we use to help improve our own skills all the time.

Beginner’s trips will be specially arranged to put riders of similar abilities together, & the itinerary altered to suit those abilities. Join us!

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