Sample itinerary – Long read
Sample itinerary – Long read

Sample itinerary – Long read

A typical Trials Bulgaria Moto Holidays Tour!

Добре дошли в България! We collect you & your group at Sofia Airport, & make our way east on the main Sofia-Varna highway, stopping on the way for refreshments/snack/comfort breaks as required. The transfer is usually about 2-3 hours, – there’s plenty to see in daytime.

Arriving in the village we’ll show you round the accommodation & its garden, maybe introduce you to the drinks fridge full of cold local beer! Dependent on the time, maybe you’ll have dinner, maybe a few beers before you turn in.

Next morning we’ll serve breakfast, & give you time to wake up before you look over the bikes and any adjustments are carried out. There’ll be a safety briefing, Do’s & Don’ts (& the definitely Don’ts!) & we’ll head out for a warm-up-get-used to bikes-session before heading to some of our local interesting practice areas. Before you know it, lunch arrives & we can all sit down for a bite & a cool drink before moving on to the next challenge! Inevitably a little bit of friendly competition means that everyone wants to master that challenging  dry-river-bed section, & soon enough it’s beer o’clock & we’re heading back to the house… Time for a cold one, quick shower (maybe in our outdoor solar shower cabin) & sit down to a wholesome, tasty home-prepared meal, then relax on the terrace with another few beers (maybe even home-made rakia from the village!)

The warm evening encourages you to sit long into the night analyzing the days’ adventure!

 After breakfast & checking the bikes over, we head slightly further afield. Leaving the village on steep stony logging tracks we find ourselves in an unexpectedly shady valley with fantastic river-bed sections to really test everyone, regardless of their abilities! Again time passes quickly because we’re so focused on the riding…& lunch is delivered, to be enjoyed sitting among the trees discussing the day so far! Perhaps we’ve set out a few formal sections here for you to actually mark each other through…just for a bit of fun!

Leaving the valley in a different direction ( a challenge in itself!) we’ll follow another tree-shaded trail through the forest, with a new long dry stream-bed section taking us back in the direction of the village, down the steep valley side, & along the trails through the orchards & old vineyards back home. Guess what? Beer o’clock…. Followed by another great meal, cooked in the traditional bread oven in the house’s summer kitchen!

The night stretches out as before, & everyone eventually succumbs to fatigue & heads off to their rooms…

Last days’ riding… Bit different today , we’re off to the mountains! The bikes are already loaded onto the trailer, so after breakfast we head off towards the Stara Planina mountain range, which stretch  the entire length of Bulgaria.

Reaching a remote village in the lower reaches of the mountains, the bikes are offloaded, the bus & trailer head off immediately to collect us later at the top, & we start off up the old forest road. Even the trail can be quite a challenge, but there are loads of interesting little sections tempting us on either side, including really tough river beds which wouldn’t be out of place in the SSDT! There are also loads of spectacular views ( & huge drops!) so the phones are out often for photos…

We’ll eventually come across a fantastic picnic table (& timber lounger!) pretty-much in the middle-of-nowhere,  which seems like an appropriate place to eat, as we’re carrying our own lunch today. It’s another great spot for views & a group photo! A couple more rocks and logs jumped, & we break out of the trees onto the top of the ridge, right under massive wind turbines!

Again, unsurpassed views & photo-opportunities! Heading westwards along the fire roads & trails, there are few words to fully describe the former HQ of the Bulgarian Communist Party at Buzludzha as it looms closer in our view… We’re right on the top of central Bulgaria, & the massive construction is seemingly so out of place! See it to believe it! The bus & trailer are waiting nearby, so the bikes get parked up, we grab a refreshment while we wander around the base of the tower and the rest of the frankly weird building, taking in the views all round,  towards the Danube to the north, Plovdiv & Greece to the south!

Finally it’s time to head for home, so we’re back in the bus, driving the ridge road towards Shipka Pass, then downhill north to Gabrovo. This evening we’re having our evening meal in a restaurant on the way back, either in Gabrovo or Sevlievo, depending on how hungry everyone is!

Later, back at the house , we confirm the time for your return to the airport the next day, & offer you some of our unique Trials Bulgaria merchandise to remember your trip by! The morning will either be a rush or a lazy start, according to your flight times, but breakfast will be ready whatever, & once again meals are provided appropriately. We’ll wave you off at Sofia Airport, & look forward to welcoming you again in the near future!

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